How to Whitelist Your Domain Names on Major Email Providers


Business houses that rely mostly on direct email marketing to promote their products, events often tend to find their domain name blacklisted by certain spam tracking companies. Sometimes, you may also find that if you are sending emails, your emails are not getting delivered to your intended recipients and are rather bouncing back. Often this happens because your domain name is blacklisted.

In that case, first, you will need to find out on what blacklists is your domain name on. To do this read carefully the content of the bounced emails. If your domain name is blacklisted, the bounced email message will definitely have information stating why the email bounced back.

Then, you can check if your domain name is blacklisted at

Once you locate on what blacklist your domain name is on, depending on the blacklist provider that has blacklisted your domain name, the delisting process is different. You need to follow certain instructions and send them request to be removed from their blacklist (de-listed) and can ensure that your emails begin reaching their intended recipients.

Please find information on some of the major providers gateways for whitelisting your domain name below.

Whitelisting with AOL:

If you are being blocked at AOL, visit to open a Postmaster Support Request to request them to put you on their whitelist..

Whitelisting with Yahoo:

If you have trouble sending emails to yahoo accounts, visit to access the Yahoo! Mail Bulk Sender application Form.

Fill out the online form and submit.

Whitelisting with Gmail:

If you cannot send emails to Gmail accounts, your domain name might have been blacklisted. To de-list visit to report a delivery problem between your domain and Gmail.

Fill out the online form and submit.

Whitelisting with Hotmail:

If your domain name is blocked by Hotmail or MSN, visit to de-list.

Fill out the online form and submit.


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